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Boldly pursuing

Disruptive and transformational opportunities.

We work with our clients to Sow, Cultivate and Harvest great opportunities. Our ventures business means we can share the risk with you, so that you can break new ground with confidence.

We created DFC Ventures to help tackle those fundamental challenges that cannot be solved using existing practise.

Our current economic landscape is challenging for businesses. Technology is democratising access to specialist skills and services, and disintermediating the institutions we have trusted for centuries.

Our products and services are becoming unbundled, and delivered through different forms and different channels.

Markets are changing faster than the companies that traditionally served them, rendering old skills and organisational approaches irrelevant.

The result is that we see many organisations:

  • Being attacked or disrupted by smaller, niche players,
  • Facing growth challenges and inertia,
  • Unable to develop new opportunities beyond current business constraints.

These are not easy challenges to solve, and existing business units and partners aren’t really structured to tackle them. This is where DFC Ventures comes in.


We bring the ability to build something new outside of these constraints.

DFC Ventures helps businesses tackle existential challenges by creating a new environment, with new rules in which to pursue disruptive and transformational opportunities.

As a partner, we spin up and spin out new products, services and businesses, and accelerate those opportunities outside of BAU. For some opportunities, you need to sow a seed outside of your existing business; in the right environment and beyond the constraints of what you do today.

DFC Ventures brings access to funds, commercialisation specialists, and elite product and service creation teams so that we can structure a partnership to suit your needs.

We know that bringing opportunities to life can be risky, so we are prepared to share this risk with you and invest in bringing them to life.

Who weLook For.

We seek trailblazers who share our focus on Energy, Human Services and Agri-tech.

Pragmatists: Working with both early and later stage start-ups, we look for businesses which have the potential for significant return on investment, and founders who have the skills to realise that return.
Trailblazers: We are attracted to businesses whose products and services aren’t just a slicker version of an existing service. We look for products and services that create fundamentally different business and services models, with the potential to disrupt established industries.
Focussed: Our portfolio focuses on opportunities which help solve some of Australia’s most fundamental and complex challenges. We look for businesses in industries where we have in-house expertise and a network of potential customers and investors.

For 2022, our portfolio will focus on Financial, Energy, Human Services, Agri-tech.

Aerial View of farm and solar panels


Aurelius is the creation of an agriculture ecosystem that enables information sharing between agricultural assets and the financial institutions that use this data in order to improve investment management, risk management and the connection of value between inputs and outputs to the agricultural process.

Wind turbine and solar panels on farm

Smart Communities

Smart Communities is a collaboration with major energy distributors and the manufacturers of services and products seeking to leverage the energy assets to deliver benefits and value to communities. Participation and engagement roadmap involves all stakeholders in government and industry to ensure compliance, data standardization and mobilisation of value.

Aerial of flower fields

Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers is a venture designed to create new markets from native foods that are generally found in the natural environment and turning them into commercial assets that can be farmed and applied into the market in as many commercial options as possible. 

Who weWork With.

Our clients are as diverse and ambitious as we are.

Design Farm Collective work across a range of industries, partnering with forward thinking organisations who understand the value of investing in growth. We frequently facilitate collaboration across our client network to help our supporters think outside of their existing business and industry.

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